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15 March 2023

Italy fails victims of war crimes in Yemen despite proof of violation of Arms Trade Treaty

Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo

Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo published an article on the decision of the Judge for Preliminary Investigations in Rome concerning the criminal responsibility of Italian public officials and the CEO of an arms manufacturer for exporting arms that were used in Yemen.

04 June 2022

Saudi-led Airstrikes in Yemen Have Been Called War Crimes. Many Relied on US Support.

Joyce Sohyun Lee, Meg Kelly, and Atthar Mirza | Washington Post

Analysis conducted by the Washington Post reveals the extent of US support provided to air force squadrons involved in the Saudi-led Coalition’s campaign in Yemen.

01 June 2022

Canada's arms sales to Saudi Arabia jumped in 2021, government report says

Middle East Eye

This article reflects on new information released by the Canadian government that indicates there has been an increase in military exports to Saudi Arabia, who are also found to be Canada’s second largest purchaser of military equipment after the United States.

25 March 2022

Raakt Nederland Betrokken Bij Mensenrechten-Schendingen in Egypte?

Jenne Jan Holtland and Ludo Hekman | de Volkskrant

This news article (in Dutch) provides coverage of the investigations by Lighthouse Reports that discovered indications of human rights violations by the Egyptian forces.

21 July 2021

Biden's DOJ Is Using A Ridiculous Argument To Defend A Controversial Trump-Era Arms Deal

Akbar Shahid Ahmed | Huffington Post

This article critiques the argument put forth by the US administration that the sales of arms to the UAE are disconnected from ongoing human rights abuses by its forces.

07 June 2021

Back to Old Habits? South African Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Atilla Kisla (SALC) | Mail & Guardian

This article provides an overview of the major issues at stake in the case launched against the South African government. It briefly addresses the domestic legal framework, the administrative nature of export permits, and the broader context and implications of the case.

16 April 2021

South Africa is Putting Profit Before Yemeni Lives

Zen Mathe and Michael Marchant (Open Secrets) | Al Jazeera

This article South Africa’s complicity in war crimes in Yemen as a result of illegal arms transfers to countries involved in the conflict.

24 February 2021

La Abogacía del Estado avisa a los jueces que revelar datos sobre la venta de armas a Arabia Saudí provocará un “conflicto”

Danilo Albin | Público

This article (in Spanish) covers the response by the State Attorney’s office to the case initiated by Greenpeace Spain in late 2020.

12 January 2021

Lawsuit Threatens $23bn Weapons Sale to UAE

Joe Gould | Defense News

This article provides coverage of the complaint against the US State Department for arms sales to the UAE.