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Take a look through external analysis of cases documented by this initiative as well as broader commentary on issues related to arms trade litigation. Use the filters to search for opinion pieces and academic journals, as well as podcasts, live events and more.


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27 June 2023

The Arms Trade Litigation Monitor: Legal Actions Against Irresponsible Arms Trade

Francesco Vignarca | Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo

Francesco Vignarca discusses the criminal investigation into the liability of UAMA officials and RWM Italia S.p.A for arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

19 April 2023

Strategic litigation and the arms trade

ATLM Launch Event

This blog summarises the discussions that took place at the ATLM launch event in Brussels, Belgium.

07 September 2022

The ATT and the Arms Trade: Trends in Financial and Corporate Responsibility

Forum on the Arms Trade, Control Arms, and PAX

The Forum on the Arms Trade, Control Arms, and PAX co-hosted an event examining emerging trends in financial and corporate approaches to the arms trade and the ATT related to human rights standards, especially those requiring and promoting human rights due diligence (HRDD).