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Case Overviews

Please note that updates to specific legal challenges may take some time to appear on the site. This can be for one or more of several reasons. The challenges are typically happening in rapidly developing contexts; information on these challenges is only uploaded once all relevant information has been thoroughly checked for accuracy, including with litigants; and in some instances there may be issues related to legal confidentiality to consider. Please check back frequently for updates.

Use the filters to navigate to each case overview and find out more about all cases initiated so far in each jurisdiction. Looking for a specific case? Take a look through the case index.

Dutch Arms and Palestine

Legal proceedings in the Netherlands in relation to the situation in Palestine since 7 October 2023 have sought to halt the supply of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel, due to the use of these aircraft in the bombing of Gaza. The transfer of these parts is permitted by a general licence created in...