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20 January 2020

Complicity in War Crimes through (Legal) Arms Supplies?

Kai Ambos | EJIL:Talk!

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This blog post considers whether criminal complicity under international law is possible when exports are licenced by national authorities, in light of the communication to the OTP and with a particular focus on the German system. It considers the relevance of corporations’ human-rights based due diligence obligations to the question before the OTP.

In turn, the author considers the case where a corporation has exported weapons with the authorisation of the national licensing authorities but to a destination where there are clearly war crimes occurring, as in Yemen, and whether this can be seen as an autonomous criminal act of complicity by the corporation that makes it a criminal accomplice in the commission of war crimes. In particular, it discusses the impact of a conclusion that companies need to fulfil due diligence obligations independent of any national authorisation procedure.