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10 December 2019

Opinion on the Legality of Arms Transfers to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Other Members of the Coalition Militarily Involved in Yemen

√Čric David, Daniel Turp, Brian Wood, and Valentina Azarova | IPIS

Read the legal opinion here

This legal opinion provides a comprehensive legal analysis of the conflict in Yemen, with a specific focus on arms transfers to its parties, namely the Saudi-led coalition in light of the obligations on arms supplying states under international law. It begins by providing an overview of the development of the conflict and arms transfers to its parties, including consideration of diversion risks and the UN Security Council’s arms embargo. It then examines the alleged serious violations of IHL and IHRL by the Saudi-UAE Coalition and the international legal obligations of arms supplying states, under the ATT as well as the Articles of State Responsibility taking into account broader obligations to ensure respect for IHL and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.