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Peter Watkins witness statement of December 2016

Appears in case: First Administrative Challenge against the Secretary of State for International Trade


United Kingdom


Armed Conflict in Yemen

Recipient State

Saudi Arabia

Document Type

Witness Statements

Peter Watkins makes a further witness statement to supplement his statement of August 2016. It provides an update of the situation in Yemen from the period August – December 2016. This includes how the conflict has developed over this time, and the relative reduction in airstrikes at certain points. It also outlines how the government’s insight into Saudi military processes and procedures have developed since August 2016, highlighting the talks that the UK has engaged in with the Saudis. It also outlines the developments in the MOD’s analysis of allegations of IHL violations and its investigations into ‘incidents of concern’. It highlights that the Saudis continue to seek to improve their processes and increase the professionalism of their armed forces and continue to be receptive to high-level military visits from the UK, and have shown a willingness to learn from UK experience and take on board UK advice.

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