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The Arms Trade Litigation Monitor

The Arms Trade Litigation Monitor tracks and documents litigation and other legal interventions against arms exports. To date, the main focus has been on arms supplies linked with the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis in Yemen. On this site, you can find detailed information about the background and progress of each case, access and download all related court documents, read expert opinion and analysis, and explore common challenges faced across the cases.

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19 May 2023

Including the Arms Sector in the EU Corporate Due Diligence Directive

León Castellanos-Jankiewicz and Melanie Schneider | Originally published in Verfassungsblog

This article reflects on the potential role that the EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive in ensuring accountability in the current European firearms export regime as well as preventing trafficking and diversion,

23 March 2023

What's Next for CAAT's Court Case on Arms to Saudi Arabia?

Blog | Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

This blog post reflects on the process of CAAT's legal challenge to the UK government, over its arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in the war in Yemen.

15 March 2023

Italy fails victims of war crimes in Yemen despite prove of violation of Arms Trade Treaty

Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo

Rete Italiana Pace e Disarmo published an article on the decision of the Judge for Preliminary Investigations in Rome concerning the criminal responsibility of Italian public officials and the CEO of an arms manufacturer for exporting arms that were used in Yemen.

07 September 2022

The ATT and the Arms Trade: Trends in Financial and Corporate Responsibility

Forum on the Arms Trade, Control Arms and PAX

The Forum on the Arms Trade, Control Arms and PAX co-hosted an event examining emerging trends in financial and corporate approaches to the arms trade and the ATT related to human rights standards, especially those requiring and promoting human rights due diligence (HRDD).