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23 March 2023

What’s Next for CAAT’s Court Case on Arms to Saudi Arabia?

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

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This blog post reflects on the process of CAAT’s legal challenge to the UK government, over its arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in the war in Yemen. With respect to the second Judicial Review, it provides an overview an overview of the claimants’ submission and discusses the potential outcome of the judgement, which is expected for spring/summer 2023.

It highlights that half of the hearing that was held – which contained a great deal of the Government’s evidence – was kept secret, for reasons of national security and relations with Saudi Arabia. However, the open evidence did much to reveal the flawed nature of the Government’s licensing decision process. The author believes that CAAT has made a very strong case to convince the court that the Government’s decision was very unreasonable and it was therefore not legally entitled to make it.